Apart we stand, together we can

build for the future

We have drastically changed the way we operate, finding new ways to support some of the county’s most vulnerable people and continuing to provide compassionate palliative and end of life care in these difficult circumstances. We are proud of our achievements, and of every member of staff for continuing to be beacons of light in the darkest of times.


Even when we return to normality we know that the call for hospice care will rise over the coming months and years. We want to build a service that can grow enough to offer specialist care and support to everyone who may need us. 


So now we’re calling on you, our incredible supporters, to help our patients and their families by donating a Gift for Good. Today, you can make all the difference to their tomorrows. 

(All photographs taken before the Coronavirus outbreak and social distancing measures.)

Donate an hour of nursing care for one of our inpatients

Donate a tasty hot meal for all of our patients

Donate a special day out for the children at Andy’s

Donate a bereavement support session for someone dealing with a family death

Donate a 'gift for good' 

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